Email Marketing

Email Marketing is an online commercial marketing method to a mass using electronic email.General Email sents is not email market sending emails to potential customers to sell or inform them about your business is considered email marketing.They also use emails to build brand awareness, trust, information, donation, and a database. Kangaroo Wings Email Marketing Progam … Read more

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate Marketing is an Online Marketing method whereby a seller can sell products through traffic sent by other websites in return for a commission on sales to those websites. In this way, a seller can promote their products and sales. On the other hand, website owners can earn commissions by referring potential buyers to sellers. … Read more

Twitter Tutorial: Start Making Connections Online 

An online Guide for Businesses and Entrepreneurs New to the World of Twitter What is Twitter? Twitter is a microblogging platform allowing you to communicate with others via 140-character messages. You can send these messages through mobile messaging and instant messaging, and the web. These messages appear in real-time, sort of like instant messaging but … Read more

Tips For Traffic Monetisation of Adsense Traffic:

1 Find your keywords2 Placing ads on the top of a page is good3 Strictly observe the Adsense guidelines4 Choose a Lucrative Niche for your blog5 Check the catchphrase thickness you recently chose6 Using pictures and Text promotions Together is great7 Use multiple ad units8 Use Adsense for search9 Choose the Adsense design for your … Read more

Google Adwords Training

Upcoming Topics Conversion Optimizer ROI can also be called Return on Ad Spends or ROAS. Calculating ROI in the percentage of sales =100% ROI revenue spent/spent*100=100%ROI Calculating ROI in terms of leads, For example, a Yellow Pages ad for your business may cost US$1,000 per year and result in 100 leads. Ten of those … Read more

Google Ads

Pay per click of google is called Google Adwords Pay per click of Facebook is called Adverts There are four types of advertising methods in google advertising.  1 Search advertising 2 Mobile network advertising 3 Display network advertising 4 Video youtube advertising 5 Re-Targeting  Abbreviations CPC – Cost per click ACPC – Average cost per … Read more

eCommerce study material

eCommerce is commonly known as Electronic commerce, the buying, and selling of products or services over electronic systems such as computer networks and the Internet. Electronic commerce draws on technologies like Internet Marketing, Online Transaction, Processing, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and Inventory Management systems. Application Magneto Open cart Virtual mart Zen cart Magneto is the … Read more

How to do SEO on any website?

Rankings and Visibility Ranking refers to the order of URLs on the search engine results page (SERP) and the process search engines use to determine these results. Highly visible content rank in the top few positions resulting in more traffic for search. Ranking factors are often evolving, and commonly disputed criteria search engines use to … Read more